ab2tds is an open source package for calculating lattice dynamics properties. It is a post-processing tool which takes the dynamical matrix computed by an external program (CASTEP and phonopy which interfaces VASP, Wien2K, abinit, SIESTA) as input. A wide range of properties can be calculated:

  • Debye-Waller factor for given temperatures
  • Dynamical structure factor
  • Inelastic and thermal diffuse scattering intensities for x-rays and neutrons
  • Inelastic x-ray and neutron spectra for single crystals, integrated directions and powders
  • Partial phonon density of states
  • X-ray and neutron weighted density of states
  • Scattering contrast between selected branches
  • Search for critical points in phonon dispersion

ab2tds uses the formalism of Xu et al [1,2]. A detailed description and a compact introduction to the calculation of dynamical matrices from first principles can be found in the thesis of Bjoern Wehinger [3]. The dynamical matrix must be computed on a Monkhorst–Pack [4] grid of q-vectors containing enough points to compute a reasonable phonon density of states. The phonon eigenvectors must be normalized and in periodic description, written to an ascii file together with the cell information. ab2tds reads dynamical matrices in the CASTEP file format [5] using the C-matrix convention [6]. The program uses Fourier interpolation according the Parlinski method [7] for the computation of the dynamical matrix at arbitrary q-points and allows thus to obtain well converged phonon densities of states and fine sampling of scattering intensities along any direction in reciprocal space. Publications [8-15] involved the use of this program.

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