AXIS Corrections

The following documentation has been extracted automatically from the comments found in the source code. Discard Parameters. object variable.

class Parameters_module.Parameters

The input variables are read from the input file. The input file is written with python syntax. The Input file is interpreted as python after a preprocessing The preprocessing was introduced at the time of HST-> PYHST transition to maintaing compatibility with:

  • NO/YES meaning 0/1

  • items containing FILE in their name can be initialized without using the “” which are otherwise necessary for strings

The input file has to set (some of) the following variables. To setup easily an input file you are suggested to start from one of the examples given in the doc.


This option defaults to None. No beam hardening correction will be made for the detector. If instead you pass a filename for this option, let’s say

BH_LUT_FILE  = bhlut.txt
then two ascii columns will be read :
  • the first contain the integral of mu

  • The second contains a correction factor: after the logarithm, the absorption will be multiplied by such factor for correction