Non Regression Tests

  • get the datasets archive from and untar it somewhere. Let’s say that you copy the tar file in directory named /DATA and you untar it there.

  • Now go into directory TEST_PYHST and edit the script non

You have to edit three variables there :

  • outputprefix


  • casi

The variable LAUNCHING_INSTRUCTION determine how the program is launche. The following setup will launch one process of the PyHST2_2016c version and it will use GPU number 0 of the host sciosft12, this suppose that you are on scisoft12. Change the line according to you machine and to your pyhst version

LAUNCHING_INSTRUCTION  = "echo 'localhost\n' > machinefile     ; time PyHST2_2016a  input.par   scisoft12,0"

The following instruction determine where the results will be written


Where datasets can be found is given by PREFIX, assuming that you have untarred the data in /DATA


finally by variable casi you can select which cases will be run. By default all the one distributed with the data archive will be runned.

Finally you can launch the tests