• If you install from a Debian package you can skip the following points, install it , and then go directly to the code invocation section

  • Using Git, sources can be retrived with the following commands: * public access

    git clone
  • version_1 is actually under developpment for distribution : its is meant to work with the paper examples

and being usable. For a more stable branch use master branch. To retrieve such version sources, after cloning, got to tds2el directory and

git checkout version_1
  • Dependencies are: python2.7(not yet python3 ready) numpy, PyMca, h5py, matplotlib, mpi4py, pylab, silx, fabio For silx, on debian if not found with apt-get install, do

    pip install silx
  • If you compile on a Debian system, for a local installation you can use

    python install --prefix=~/packages

    then to run the code you must do beforehand

    export PATH=~/packages/bin/:$PATH
    export PYTHONPATH=~/packages/lib/python2.7/site-packages/

    then go to the section Code Invocation to see how to run the code

  • For the documentation go, fro, the source root directory, to doc subdirectory and

    make html

    it will create the html pages into _build/html subdirectory.

  • If you generate a Debian package and install it, then it will be in the standard directories and you dont have to set PATH and PYTHONPATH

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